Senator Moses Kajwang wants climate change in the education syllabus

Homa Bay Senator Moses Kajwang has called for climate change as a topic included in the national education curriculum to make it widely known and step up response.

In a motion before the Senate, Mr Kajwang wants the Ministry of Education in liaison with Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development to integrate climate education into school curriculum to creatively prepare pupils for a rapidly changing, risky and possibly dangerous future.

He said teachers and school administrators should be trained and equipped with information and skills to teach climate education and explore new approaches to learning that can contribute to the transformation of unsustainable climate systems, values and routines.

“Climate change education explores mitigation and adaptation at both local and global levels, critical and creative thinking and capacity building that will enable youth to engage with the information, inquire, understand, ask critical questions and take what they determine are appropriate actions to respond to climate change,” said Kajwang.

The Homa Bay senator acknowledged that the Climate Change Act 2016 addresses the integration of climate change into various disciplines and subjects of the national education curriculum at all levels, saying it was the reason why the government should implement it.

Kajwang said the National Climate Council should advise public agencies responsible for regulating universities and tertiary institutions curricula on the integration of climate change into their curricula with the urgency it deserves.

He said educators need to engage in inquiry and co-learning with students while noting that the lack of time and curriculum opportunities to address climate change in the classroom bearing in mind that climate change is a complex social and scientific issue.

“The Constitution in Article 42 provides for the right to a clean and healthy environment for every Kenyan, which includes the right to have the environment protected for the benefit of present and future generations,” he said.

He noted that climate change is a global nightmare with consequences already quite visible and should be a priority for the national education curriculum in accordance to Article 12 of the Paris Agreement.

Kajwang said the Paris Agreement espouses climate change education, training, public awareness, public participation and public access to information.  

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