Kenya Kwanza has dared to look beyond old order to deliver change

Something is happening in Kenya right now, there is a wind of change, a wind of renewal and a wind that will breathe new life into the ways and means, purposes and reasons underlying our politics.

This tectonic shift is going to be manifested in the election taking place next Tuesday. On this historic day, the monumental change that has taken place all over our land, in the minds and hearts of ordinary Kenyans, will be brought to bear.

In all engagements during our campaign for this election, Kenyans have spoken in a voice loud and clear, saying that too many families can't make ends meet; that too many of our graduates and school leavers can't find jobs; that too many people lack access to credit; that our farmers are not getting value for their produce. Kenyans have, in one firm and clear voice, said they have had enough, and that they deserve better, and that it is time for us to be brave, and to bring about change.

As Kenya Kwanza, we are committed to getting results in the first 100 days. Not in five years. Now. Because people need help now. That's our commitment to you.

William Ruto's government will bring closer together, in unity and cohesion, all the different point of views. In this government, we commit to ensure the timeless values that hold this nation together: Tolerance, compassion, pride in our differences, peaceful coexistence, solidarity and respect for democracy will be enshrined in our national soul.

We are fully committed to proving that the skeptics are wrong, and demonstrating that it is possible for Kenya to have peaceful elections and orderly transitions.

The reason for these commitments is simple: This nation deserves better. It deserves change. This change starts with a vote - your vote. And so, I'm calling on you to mark your ballot against the names of your Kenya Kwanza candidates and cast your vote for change. We can do it. We will do it. And we are doing this together.

As Kenya Kwanza, we have dared to look beyond old politics and have embrace the audacity to ask for more, to demand something better. We are also daring to look at cynicism directly in the eye, and affirm our faith that the best is yet to come. We are ready to take on this challenge! But dear Kenyans, it cannot be done without you. That is why I humbly call on all of you to rise to the call and unite to deliver change. Let's work together. Let's roll up our sleeves and start the work right now!

The Kenya Kwanza government will pursue a plan for jobs and growth. This is the best way to stimulate and sustain economic activity, to increase revenues for the provision of public services and to provide affordable choices for Kenyans.

Kenya is a land of opportunity, a country of plenty, and a nation of tremendous promise. It urgently needs a new leadership that champions new ideas to maximise that opportunity. Our plan is about our future state. Our platform is about what lies ahead for Kenyans in days soon to come. This campaign has been all about the future, not the past.

As Kenya Kwanza, we have spent a lot of time listening. Not listening to vested interests. Not listening to millionaires trying to buy influence. Not listening to highly selective focus groups. But listening to ordinary people. Listening to their concerns about education. Listening to their fears about NHIF. Listening to their disillusionment with politicians who break their promises and betray their trust.

We understand Kenyans want a government that stands up for them, serves them, and addresses issues that matter to them. They want leadership that they can trust. Those misguided Kenyans who have become very cosy with State capture are now more frightened than ever of losing their grip on power and public resources. 

This country is faced with a stark choice. This is the time for a crusade. A crusade for a new, humane government. A crusade for new politics. A crusade for new opportunities. A crusade for building a better country for our children and grandchildren. A crusade to give them the best education possible. A crusade to protect the environment around them. A crusade to give them greater opportunities and affirm their faith in government and give them hope.

This election provides Kenyans with a real choice. Do they vote for those who see only the same old answers? Do they vote for those who trumpet the same old rhetoric? Do they vote for those who feel safest in politics of contempt and exclusion?

Or do they vote for the people who believe they can make a difference? Do we vote for the team with a plan?

If you, like me, believe in our crusade to install a government which serves all citizens, to build a better country for our children and grandchildren, I invite you to come and join us in this noble endeavour. I call on you to heed the call of the people: “Freedom is coming”, and encourage you to take the most important step in winning Kenya’s economic liberation: Vote for Kenya Kwanza Alliance, and for the Ruto-Gachagua presidency.

Vote for us if you want more investment in education. Vote for us if you want more money for our hospitals. Vote for us if you want more honesty in how your tax is utilised. Vote for us if you care about your children's future.

We have prosecuted a robust agenda in this campaign. We have mounted the strongest case for change. We have won the arguments in this campaign. Now we must win the election. Join us as we go for victory. Join us, and together, we can make the difference.

The writer is the Kenya Kwanza presidential running mate