Nothing comes close to the pain of losing a child: Musician Kambua speaks about grief

Media personality and musician Kambua Mathu has opened up about grieving the death of her son. In an update on her social media page, the TV host said that the death of a child does not only affect the mother but also people who hoped to experience the child.

“Losing a child doesn’t only affect the parent, it also affects the siblings, grandparents, aunties, friends, everyone who had hope of experiencing the child. What name do you give an auntie who loses a nephew or a niece?” she wrote.

Kambua also took issue with people who expect a grieving mother to move on weeks or months after the loss.

 “On this here, ‘my space’, I will continue to have uncomfortable conversations. Not just for me but for many others who don’t have the courage to. Grief of any kind can be very inconvenient for those around you. I mean, how are you still ‘stuck’? It’s been weeks, months... ‘Can we move on already’? Guess what, your grieving friends want to move forward so bad, they sometimes don’t know how,” she said.

The singer disclosed she has experienced the loss of a parent and a friend but nothing beats the pain that comes with losing a child.

“Physiologists suggest that the death of a child is the most difficult death for survivors to endure. I agree because I have experienced the loss of a parent, grandparents, friends and nothing comes close to the pain of losing a child. It literally paralyzes you. I say this to urge you to extend grace to those around you who are walking this journey. It is one of the loneliest journeys. And you need not say anything; just be there,” Kambua said.