I’ve forgiven my abductors, Itumbi says after leaving hospital

Dennis Itumbi was rushed to hospital moments after he was found dumped naked in Lucky Summer. [Courtesy]

Deputy President William Ruto's digital strategist Dennis Itumbi has forgiven those who abducted and tortured him on December 23 but promised to give details of his alleged abduction in a church service next month.

In a phone interview with The Standard after being discharged from Nairobi West Hospital on January 1, Itumbi said he had forgiven the attackers and their masters.

“To those police officers and the people who sent them, I forgive you. I wish nothing similar happens to them or their children. I would not wish the same even on my worst enemy,” Itumbi told Standard.

Itumbi, however, said he will disclose full details of his abduction at a church service in Kirinyaga County next month.

“On February 13, I will hold a thanksgiving service in a small church together with friends and hustler nation to give my story before God and man,” he said.

Dennis Itumbi walks out of Nairobi West Hospital. [Boniface Okendo, Standard]

The blogger told the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) officers to stop looking for him and instead wait for February 13 when he will give his accounts of the day he was abducted.

“DCI should send people with notebooks and pens on February 13. We will give the full story there,” said Itumbi who insists that he was abducted by police officers.

He added: “For the details of it and how I know they were police officers, I will give all that detail in February,”

But the controversial blogger hinted at what transpired on that fateful day, saying the abductors inserted their fingers in his eyes affecting his cornea in the process.

“Dennis has made tremendous improvement. 24 hours after release from ICU he was walking on his two feet though he needed support,” his brother David tweeted.

The former State House operative was allegedly abducted by unknown people while at a barbershop in Thindigua estate, along Kiambu Road, on December 23, 2021.

He was later found dumped naked in Lucky Summer, Kasarani area.