Yego: Follow in the development and unity footsteps left behind

Political leaders have been asked to follow in the footsteps of former President Daniel arap Moi by upholding integrity and commitment in service to the electorate.

Speaking during the burial ceremony of the former head of State at Kabarak yesterday, retired African Inland Church (AIC) Bishop Silas Yego said doing so would lead to economic and political growth.

“I challenge all our leaders today to walk in the footsteps of Mzee Moi on his commitment towards nation building. Despite his power and wealth, he was always disturbed by the challenges that affected poor Kenyans,” he added.

Service delivery

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The cleric recounted Moi’s commitment towards service delivery to the electorate, which saw him forego many of his luxuries to serve the country.

“Moi was, throughout his time at the helm, an early riser. As early as 3am he would wake up, not to pursue his personal interests but to deliver to the country what was expected of him. He took on the troubles of the poor population as his own,” Bishop Yego said.

“I feel saddened when I visit some areas and find mud-walled classrooms, yet we have county and national government leaders. It pains me that I'm left wishing I had the resources to take action as Moi would do.”

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Yego criticised leaders who take advantage of their popularity to divide Kenyans, warning that the continued political bickering places Kenya at great risk of losing the gains made during the Moi era, as well as successive governments' efforts to unite the country.

“Moi will be remembered for the peace and cohesion he brought to the country. He realised this through his forgiving nature. As you have heard in confessions made, he had mended his broken friendships, which many would not have thought as possible,” he said.

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Yego’s sentiments were echoed by retired Anglican Churches of Kenya (ACK) Archbishop Rev Eliud Wabukhala who described Moi as a religious man who followed biblical teachings to the letter.

“Among my encounters with him was during a tour to Nyanza at a time when I was a bishop in Kakamega. Before the tour, he made a call to me at 4am, calling me to Kakamega State Logde. He had a challenging task ahead and told me to pray for him,” said Rev Wabukhala.

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