'World's smallest flying car' takes to the skies, you could own one by 2023

The flying car is just 3.6 metres long and 1.7 metres wide on the ground or 3.1 metres wide during flight (Image: SkyDrive Inc)
From Harry Potter to The Jetsons, flying cars are a staple feature of many science fiction blockbusters.

But the futuristic vehicles are slowly but surely becoming a reality, and now the ‘world’s smallest flying car’ has taken to the skies for the first time.

The tiny flying vehicle has been developed by Japanese startup SkyDrive Inc, who are conducting test flights at an indoor facility just outside Nagoya.

Tomohiro Fukuzawa, CEO of SkyDrive, said: “We are clear that our product will improve the lives of consumers right across the world by providing efficiency of movement and creating happiness in flying – be it linking people to jobs, their family or a dream holiday.”

The flying car is just 3.6 metres long and 1.7 metres wide on the ground or 3.1 metres wide during flight

While on the ground, the car can travel at a respectable 60km/hour, while in the sky it can fly at speeds of 100km/hour, according to SkyDrive.

It can fit two people, including the pilot, and is able to reach altitudes of 50 metres during flights.

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Mr Fukuzawa added: “Flying cars will be the travel mode of the future and today we took a giant leap towards making that happen.”

While the flying car has only just completed its first manned flight, SkyDrive has ambitious timelines froM the project.

It predicts that the flying cars will got on sale to the public in 2023, while mass-production will begin by 2026.

However, SkyDrive will face stiff competition from several other tech giants, who are all racing to be the first to launch a commercial flying car.

Other brands working on flying vehicles including Boeing, Uber and Porsche.

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