US won't send community projects funds to government

US Ambassador to Kenya Kyle McCarter.
The United States will not channel funds meant for community projects through the government, US Ambassador to Kenya Kyle McCarter has said.

Mr McCarter said instead the funds will be sent directly to the projects run in the communities by the donor and development agencies. This will mean the American government will be dealing with grassroots organisations in trying to solve various challenges facing communities.

Initially, the US government has been funding the Kenyan government directly to implement various projects on health, peace and education.

But over the last few years, the US has continued cutting down grants to programmes directly implemented by the Kenya government, with renewed focus shifting to civil society and citizen-led organisations.

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McCarter said the US government is concerned with the manner in which money released to Kenya is being used in impacting on social lives of ordinary Kenyans.

He was speaking at Sironga Tea Buying Centre in Nyamira on Thursday where he crowned the Keeping Alive Society's Hope, a civil society organisation, as one of the game changers in addressing issues of accountability and peace in Nyanza, Western and parts of Rift Valley.

The society's Executive Director, Thomas Abol, said for a long time, the country has under utilised the power of the civil society, which he said has a key role in tackling community challenges.

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"The direction the US Government is taking is very okay and the country's civil society has a lot to deliver on issues of social accountability, audit and citizen participation," Mr Abol said.

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