Senior Siaya officer Chief Inspector Sabina Kerubo arrested over Star reporter’s death

Eric Oloo, a correspondent with The Star, who was found dead in a senior police officer's house in Ugunja, Siaya: The officer has been arrested. [Standard]

A chief inspector of police Sabina Kerubo, who is attached to Ugunja police station, Siaya County, has been arrested some 100 meters away from the police station following the death of Eric Oloo, a correspondent with The Star

Police have also arrested 36-year-old Victor Luta, a house help Joyce Awuor, 38, and her daughter whom they believe were in Kerubo’s house on Wednesday night and today morning.

 The Chief Inspector was arrested around midday today.

  Police say they are also looking for Mr Luta's brother who is still at large to record a statement.

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 While addressing the press, Ugunja OCPD Ibrahim Muchuma curiously said they had already arrested the chief inspector only to dispatch officers to grab her at a chang’aa den way after the press conference. 

 According to officer Muchuma, they learnt of Oloo’s death on Thursday morning from the chief inspector’s landlord.

"We have received information this morning from the landlord where one of our officers stays. (sic)," said the OCPD.

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He said that when the landlord arrived at the inspector’s house, Oloo was unconscious, so he refused to carry him in his car and instead asked Ms Kerubo to make a report at the police station.

 The OCPD could not confirm what led to the death of the journalist.

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 Ms Kerubo, however, decided to get a taxi with the help of Mr Luta who was still in his house.

 "I cannot confirm the cause of his death but the incident is being investigated. It happened at her place. Our police officers have arrested the chief inspector, a man, house help and child. They found the man in a taxi with the chief inspector, when they were going to get the body at her house (sic)," said OCPD Muchuma.

 The house help told the press, that at around 8 pm on Wednesday night, Mr Luta came to the house with his brother and Ms Kerubo after which there was a fight and Ms Kerubo asked the three men to leave the house.

 According to the house help, Ms Kerubo remained in the house. 

She said around midnight, the men were back and there was another fight.

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 The landlord, Moses Ochieng, told the press that Ms Kerubo showed up at his house today morning to seek help claiming her husband was unwell and in a critical condition.

 "She said the husband was too sick to sit and so she needed a car to ferry him to hospital. On getting to her house, I found the scribe lying in bed, a pillow supporting his bleeding head,” recalled the landlord.

He was unconscious; not moving at all. I told her the injuries were not normal," said the landlord.

 Mr Ochieng said he then asked Ms Kerubo to report the matter at the police station and ask for a car as she was also an officer.

When that did not happen, Mr Ochieng said he decided to make the report himself.

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Mr Ochieng said that officers from the station returned with him to the house where they collected the body.

 The late Oloo and Ms Kerubo have been Ochieng’s tenants for a year.

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