Tough rules to rein in rogue police officers

The National Police Service has unveiled measures to address rising cases of officers’ involvement in crime across the country.

Inspector General of Police Hillary Mutyambai (pictured) announced the new operational changes when he chaired a crisis meeting last Wednesday in Nairobi.

The meeting was between the joint service board, regional and sub-county police, Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) and Critical Infrastructure Police Unit commanders.

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According to the new rules, only officers from the DCI will be allowed to wear civilian attire while on official duty.

A special squad known as SPIV was disbanded and its officers who have been operating in major urban areas ordered to start wearing uniforms.

Deputy Inspector General Edward Mbugua also ordered that no police officer will be allowed to retain a firearm while off-duty.

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Officers will instead be required to surrender their weapons at the armoury in their respective stations before clocking out.

Crime branch officers will also be expected to be in uniform when attending court sessions to give evidence.

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Insiders said the meeting focused on increasing the visibility of officers in uniform who are on their daily beat and patrols.

“If there is need to perform an operation and it is considered that conducting the operation in uniform will complicate its success then the commander will authorise the wearing of plain clothes during the period of the operation and immediately after the operation revert to uniform,” the directive read in part.

Mr Mbugua said firearms will only be issued depending on the nature of the duty assigned to officers who will have to be briefed and debriefed after every assignment.

There is also planned zoning of Nairobi under an officer of the rank of police commissioner to complement the efforts of the regional commander.

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