Do you know where your favourite meat comes from?

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Pigs in factory farm.
World Animal Protection carried out a consumer perception survey in Kenya, Zambia, Tanzania and Uganda that revealed consumers are increasingly concerned about animal welfare when buying and feeding on meat products.

76.4 per cent of the people interviewed, link use of antibiotics in animals to poor human health and diseases. They believe that the residues left behind by antibiotics, end up on their plates posing a risk to their health.

Over 80 per cent of them are keen on food safety and this has a huge influence on their purchasing decisions – including willing to pay more for humanely produced meat.

Animal welfare and meat purchase

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75 per cent of people interviewed would stop sourcing as well as tell family and friends to stop if they knew supermarkets sourced meat products from poor animal welfare producers.

Of significant importance is that consumers are willing to pay more if they are assured that the meat products are free of antibiotics and chemicals, the animals were raised and transported in high welfare conditions before being slaughtered humanely.

Pigs in factory farm.
“This survey points to a significant need for meat retailers and producers to start thinking seriously about animal welfare. There is a strong correlation between how animals are raised and the quality of the end product – the meat that ends up on our table. It is therefore important that farmers ensure that the animals they produce enjoy their five animal freedoms. says Dr. Victor Yamo, Farming Campaigns Manager, Animals in Farming.

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Born to suffer

The reality behind animals farmed for meat is shocking.

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Caged, overfed and denied the freedom to exude natural behaviour are are just but some of the things pigs, chicken, dairy and beef cows endure to maximize profit for farmers and global food companies.

Just like human beings, animals have freedoms that determine their health and productivity. It is therefore important for farmers to ensure they cater to the needs of these animals for a healthy co-existence.

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