Drunk woman chops off part of husband's private parts in Nakuru

A 52-year-old man is nursing genital injuries at the Rift Valley Provincial General Hospital after he was attacked by his wife in Free Area Estate in Nakuru town Saturday night.

Free Area Location Senior Chief Stephen Macharia said the attack came after his wife accused him of not providing for his family.

Macharia said the woman who has since been arrested attacked her husband first with a club, before picking a kitchen knife and attacking his manhood.

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“The man got back home from his casual job and was confronted by his wife who claimed he is not able to provide for the family,” said Macharia.

Blood gushing

The wife is said to have been drunk when she attacked her husband. Neighbours who responded to the man's painful cries say they found him lying on the floor with blood gushing from the wound.

They rushed him to hospital where he was admitted in a critical condition. Joseph Mburu, the doctor who attended the attack victim said he is now in a stable condition.

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“The patient was in a critical condition. Some parts of his body like his head, face and legs were swollen with a section of genitals cut,” said Dr Mburu.

Police rescue

An angry mob had vowed to lynch the woman, but she was rescued by police officers who took her to Bondeni police station.

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Nakuru Town East police commander Elena Kabukuru said investigations into the attack have started.

“We plan to charge the suspect with assault,” said Mr Kabukuru.

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