Two suspects held with three kilos of cocaine valued at Sh11 million

Two suspects were on Saturday arrested after they were found with three kilogrammes of cocaine worth Sh11 million in Mombasa.

The haul had been trailed from Brazil through South Sudan and Uganda before it ended up in Malindi and later in Kisauni, Mombasa.

The two suspects were arrested in Barsheba on Saturday morning by a multi-agency team in a probe that has been going on for months now.

The suspects were identified as Mr Mujib Suleiman, 47 and Mr Saady Bashur Omar 59, a Tanzanian, are being detained at the Mombasa Port Police Station.

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Police said the drugs had been stashed in a suitcase and first went to Juba then was sent to Kampala, Nairobi, Malindi then Mombasa.

Police believe more suspects are out there and still in the business. They include village elders in Mombasa.

The officers also seized travel documents of the suspected couriers who were scheduled to travel to various places for the trafficking mission.

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A Kenyan woman identified is wanted for questioning after she was identified as the one who picked the drugs from Sao Paulo.

The seizure lifts the lid on complex underworld operations of narcotics trade in Mombasa, home of brother-duo Baktash Akasha and Ibrahim Akasha who are awaiting sentencing in New York.

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They have been the kingpins of the drug cartel in the area for long and had built a network that ran across the continent.

Police have in the past made such seizures but failed to make a follow up on the source to burst the web behind the supply.

All indications are that the main dealers or barons behind the drugs are powerful and monied and hide behind the mules who are usually arrested and later arraigned.

Drug abuse in major slums has become rampant and these narcotics are easily available.

Anti-drugs campaigners contend the narcotics have ruined many people’s lives in the city.

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Cases of drug trafficking have been on the rise in the country even as most traffickers avoid the mainly used routes in their business.

Police say they now use roads as opposed to airports to carry out their business. The most commonly trafficked narcotics from Tanzania and through Uganda is heroin. Cocaine is also trafficked from the two countries.

Kenya made the second biggest seizure in July 2016 and arrested two suspects who were linked to the 100 kilograms of cocaine valued at Sh598 million disguised as sugar.

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