City trader set to be charged with drug trafficking

Nairobi-based businesswoman Joyce Akinyi (pictured) is today expected in court to face charges of narcotics trafficking.

Akinyi was on Saturday morning arrested in Nairobi West after two kilogrammes of heroin were seized in her hotel room, according to the police. 

She was arrested alongside a Congolese national.

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The origin of the drugs, valued at Sh3 million, is yet to be established.

The police said Akinyi was also found with Congolese passports bearing her photos, but with different names.

One had the name Eveline Kambere, with the birth place as Goma, Congo. In the photo of Akinyi in the document, her hair is shaven.

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The second passport has the name Marline Kambuba Mape with the same birth place but in it, Akinyi is in a weave with blonde edges.

Akinyi came into the limelight following her frequent public fights with her estranged husband, Nigerian Antony Chinedu. The foreigner was deported in 2013.

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In October 2008, Akinyi was arrested at New Delhi’s Indira Gandhi Airport by the police who said they found her with the equivalent of Sh7.5 million in US dollars. India requires one declares amounts of money above Sh375,000.

She was held at Tihar Prison for five months before Nairobi intervened. 

Drug abuse in Nairobi slums has become rampant and the narcotics are easily available, especially to the young people.

Anti-narcotics campaigners contend that the drugs have ruined many lives in the city.

Cases of narcotics trafficking have been on the rise in the country even as most traffickers avoid the mainly used routes to carry out their illicit business. They police say traffickers are now preferring road transport as opposed to air.

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The most commonly trafficked narcotics from Tanzania and through Uganda is heroin. Cocaine is also trafficked from the two countries.

Kenya made the second biggest seizures in July 2016 and arrested two suspects linked to the 100 kilogrammes of cocaine valued at Sh598 million disguised as sugar. 

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