Transport crisis as Dandora matatu drivers protest police harassment

Transport at the Dandora- CBD route is currently at a standstill as drivers down tools and block roads to demand audience from area authorities.

The drivers move has caused an impasse on the Dandora- Town route as well as affecting the neighboring Kangundo road.

A number of police officers have already been deployed on the Dandora stage but are unable to contain the situation since drivers packed vehicles on the road and left.  

Police have however plucked number plates of the matatus in a retaliation move.

Most of the drivers interviewed by the Standard Digital are citing constant police harassment and high rate of bribery by officers, making them unable to sustain their businesses.

“It is as if we are working for the officers, they demand huge bribes from us whether or not your vehicle has a mistake,” said a Msafiri Sacco driver.

Mr. Paul Karis, a driver for Aldama Sacco, also plying the Dandora- CBD route said that traffic officers were fleecing the matatu crew, leaving many of them empty handed at the end of the day.

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“The matatu owner wants profit at the end of the day but it seems not to be easy on this route, so we are seeking audience from the Traffic Police Commandant to resolve this issue,” claimed Mr. Paul.

Mr. Stephene Araka, a conductor said that it is time police stopped harassing motorists unnecessarily in the name of making money.

“How they are making money is not good. If they want us to continue being in business, then they should eat reasonably,” argued Araka.

The crisis has affected the neighboring Kangundo road which has experienced high traffic jam since morning.

By the time of going to press, traffic authorities had not arrived at the scene.  

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