Save us from hunger and thirst, residents urge Samburu leaders

Resident Miriam Lekolol said there is no water or pasture. [Standard]

Residents of Ngarma Lowaib village in Samburu Central are appealing for relief food.

The area has been experiencing prolonged drought and for six months they have not had a stable supply of food and water.

Resident Miriam Lekolol said there is no water or pasture.

“We are suffering from hunger, our animals are dying due to drought. If we lose our cows, we are also going to die,” she said.

The residents were speaking on Friday when church leaders distributed relief food. 

The church leaders said the food was bought using church offering from different ministries. 

Samburu Pentecostal Churches Council chairman Bosco Lekisat said clerics are only using offerings raised in their churches to buy food for the most affected.

“With the little we have raised through our churches, we are helping the most affected,” he said.

The Ngarma Lowaib villagers urged the county and national governments to drill boreholes to solve water shortage. 

They said some of their neighbours succumbed to thirst as they trekked in search of water.

“The county government has drilled boreholes in different places, they also ought to invest in water in this area because people are walking in search of the commodity,” a resident said. 

The only dam dried up.

Resident Luka Lesan said they walk for more than 20km to access water points.

“There is no where we can get water. We have been using water from a nearby dam but it is now foaming and turns food into yellow after cookin."

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