Social media users find humour in NIIMS listing

There is never a dull moment for Kenyans, even when serious issues are being discussed.

As the government flexed its muscles to compel Kenyans to register for Huduma Namba, social media was lit with mirth and memes that poked holes in the process.

Through the posts, photos and lighthearted videos that saturated the internet, they let it be known that they had not quite grasped the essence of Huduma Namba and how the process was being conducted.

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When rumours started going round that married men will be expected to accompany their wives for registration, there were lighthearted stories that painted scenarios of how wrong things could go.

“Imagine having to explain to the woman you have been lying to that you are not married, why you cannot go with them for the Huduma Namba registration,” Nicodemus Oluoch posted on Facebook.

Then came the information that the registration form had a provision for men to declare up to five wives.

“Halleluya, God is great! This thing allows us to marry five wives,” posted Elias Mwikulu from Kakamega.

The revelation that the form did not restrict men to only one wife went viral, with women also adding their voices to the debate, turning it into a battle of sexes. “A man who cannot afford to buy soda and cake on a date is dancing on social media on how Huduma Namba allows men to marry up to five wives. What a shame!” read a tweet.

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Perhaps the most hilarious memes were photos of people caught in awkward positions as they posed for photographs. A wailing girl, hands stretched as two people held her against a curtain background caused laughter and cheeky comments.

“They are crucifying her! She is dying for the cause. To save Kenyans who have refused to go for their Huduma Namba,” read one post.

The Chinese debt narrative also got woven into the Huduma Namba jokes. “What if China has demanded for a headcount so that they can send us individual bills to pay off their loans?” someone posed.

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