Couple charged for refusing treatment for sick baby

Derrick Kimani and Wamwere Gitau before an Embu court yesterday. They were found to have a case to answer for failing to take their sick 13-month old baby for treatment owing to their religious belief that prayers suffice.
A couple who subscribes to the Kavonokia sect, which does not believe in modern medicine, has been charged with neglecting their son.

An Embu court said Derrick Kimani and Wamwere Gitau have a case to answer for refusing to take their 13-month-old baby to hospital.

The couple is said to have lost some of their children after refusing to take them to hospital.

The case continues on May 22 where the couple will appear to defend themselves against the accusations.

They are charged that between June 17 and September 28 last year at Mukuuri village in Embu West sub-county, they willfully neglected their baby by failing to take him for immunisation and treatment.

According to the Children's Act, every child has a right to medical care.

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