Motorist narrates harrowing encounter with robbers along Southern Bypass

The damaged car being towed away from the accident scene.
A motorist has revealed chilly details of how he was nearly attacked by robbers along the Sothern bypass in Nairobi.

It was a lucky escape for the motorist as the robbers who had waylaid him as he was travelling to the countryside for Easter missed him by a whisker.

The motorist took to social media recounting how the robbers had placed two stone blocks along the bypass near the Kikuyu interchange in bid to stop him before robbing him.

A post by the motorist that was shared on Motorists Association of Kenya Facebook page said:

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“Left Nairobi this morning at 3am for shags with my family; used Southern Bypass to connect with Waiyaki way; almost reaching at Kikuyu interchange just 3km to Waiyaki way; stretch between Karen Interchange and Kikuyu interchange; thugs put two building blocks on the road for the 2 lanes towards Waiyaki way. So I hit one of the stones and my whole front left wheel, tyre, and rim is shuttered into pieces; I manage to safely bring the car to a stop, thanks to God and the weight of the car I’m driving. It doesn’t swerve, it balances and safely comes to a stop.”

A damaged tyre at the accident scene.
As soon as he stepped out of the car, two robbers appeared out of the darkness wilding metal rods as a second car hit the remaining block strategically positioned to block the road.

“Immediately I stop, two middle aged men say between their late 20s and early 30s appear with metal rods. I’m out of the car and my family is still in the car, I alert them to lock the car which they do and am now out alone. Another car hits the other remaining block and this time this one veers off the road and hits the rail. One more thug joins the other two and now we are about to be robbed.” he continues.

They were however saved by other motorists who stopped at the scene hooting, prompting the robbers to flee into the darkness.

“This time I had opened my boot for my weapon too and thank God another oncoming motorist stops and starts hooting with hazard on. Other oncoming vehicles come and all stop and now the thugs panic and run away. God is with us and we live to see another day,” ending his post.

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The motorist advised other drivers to be safe and avoid the Southern Bypass at night as it is not safe.

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