Folly of staying silent as country is torn up

“Bad men need nothing more to compass their ends, than that good men should look on and do nothing”. Nothing explains the Kenyan situation more fluently than this quote. Kenya is surrounded by evil, failing parastatals and grand corruption because good men are doing nothing to stem the tide. The road to the Kenyan hell we live in is paved with good men who had good intentions they never turned into action.

Most good men in our nation are confined to their qwerty keyboards posting on twitter about justice and what can be done to fix Kenya. Once they have stated their intentions they leave the keyboard and join the rat race, where they eke out a meagre living – their warrior spirit dead at the 180th character on twitter. They then get a matatu home and while it speeds dangerously putting their lives in danger, they will happily type their latest theory on how to decongest Nairobi.

Keep Quiet generation

They will never speak a word of the danger they face to the matatu driver, for we the sheeple have no voice nor stand. We are tossed about by the whims of matatu drivers, watchmen, and everyone else who will willy nilly make our lives miserable.

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In Kenya, we are all still children whose only purpose in life is to be seen and not heard. We cower in fear every time anyone in authority mistreats us. We dare not speak. Instead we interrupt our church services to welcome the highest ranking thief. For to our minds, if the “thief-in-chief” shows up even God has to wait. We adore the captors of our wealth in a weird version of Stockholm Syndrome, with dance, song and glee as though with them came the Christ.

What is worse, if you do dare to speak out, like I regrettably did when Kenya Airways kept hundreds of us at the airport for 18 hours then you will find an old lady who will ask “why didn’t the police arrest you? Why did they let you speak so openly? Why did they not put you in a cell to cool off?”

In her mind, speaking up against the blatant mistreatment of KQ passengers including myself was wrong. A good Kenyan is quiet and takes abuse as it comes and swallows it. Somebody else concluded that I came from the tribe of perennial demonstrators and it was just in my blood.

The cowardly desire for Kenyans to acquiesce is the reason why we are failing. How is it that the national carrier, struggling to make profit, has enough money to accommodate passengers in fancy hotels overnight instead of actually flying them out? How does it make sense to keep passengers prisoner for hours before announcing a flight cancellation?

Why would they overbook planes and lie on corrected times? You see like the rest of the society, Kenya Airways counts on the ability of Kenyans to KQ (that is to Keep Quiet) when incompetence and unfair treatment is visited upon us.

The gods must be crazy

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The KQ mentality is pervasive in our society. We are a Keep Quiet country; we dare not say who is a thief and who isn’t. We dare not touch “the Lord’s anointed” because he told us “he was chosen by God to lead us”. We dare not speak out, for if we do, we are quickly abused and told to keep quiet. They expect us, like sheep, to go quietly into the night.

They also, like Kenya Airways, expect us to believe that they are too big to fail, that this country cannot possibly exist without them. As such they expect our taxes to subsidise their folly. It does not matter how many millions and billions they lost. After all, corruption and bad management can’t stop development, now can it?

The silence of the lambs as they head for slaughter is the currency by which the corrupt stay afloat. We will say nothing, do nothing and stand for nothing. The only resistance they face are angry tweets and Facebook posts and since Peter Kenneth showed us that social media doesn’t translate to votes, our anger on social media is duly ignored.

This Keep Quiet generation shall supervise the doom of our nation. Our do-nothing attitude will one day bite us hard. We are sheep, inches from the slaughterhouse, arguing that if the politicians didn’t love us then why have they fed us on handouts all these years? The answer is clear only to the enlightened; you fatten the sheep you want to slaughter.

Self-destruct mode

The fact is, the rate of corruption and the rate of debt are incompatible, soon the bubble will burst and all the sheep will face their doom.

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The fact of the matter is our butchers depend on our silence and inaction. For as long as each Kenyan does not stand up against the lies, the mistreatment and the theft, then our butchers will triumph and we will forever dance for them, sing for them and thank them when they take 1 million out of the billions they stole, so that our church can have a more beautiful gate and our bishop a nice car. Kenya is a fairy tale without a happy ending.

Our wicked stepmother runs the house, and out of the wealth our father left us, she once in a while takes some and buys us bread and we celebrate not knowing all along that the gifts are meant to keep us quiet and for us to never imagine a life without our oppressors. My advice to the lambs: KQ (Keep Quiet) at your own risk.

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