Hardworking woman who is a carpenter by day, nurse by night

Aghahowa Beth working on her furniture. Photo: Courtesy.
Bound by no boundaries, tamed by no time, she is the force of nature’s course. That is perhaps the true definition of Nigerian woman identified on Facebook as Aghahowa Beth.

She has stunned many for showing her ability to juggle two roles in a day with ease. Agahowa who works as a carpenter during the day and a nurse at night is also a professional graphic designer.

Her mentality, skills and hard work has demonstrated that gone are those days where certain roles were a preserve of men.

At this era where the majority of women are branded "slay queens", Agahowa’s ability to perform the two roles effectively is not only a challenge to the "slayers" but is also debunking the African myths, requiring men to be the sole providers of their families

After sharing what she does on Facebook, the overcritical social media users approved of her hard work ,celebrating her as the real epitome of a true African woman and urged other women to embrace such efforts in fending for their needs.

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