If we lose fight to tribalism, our nation is sunk and gone

As citizens we know for a fact that there is grand corruption. We know that we can see, we can count and we know bridges built with sticks don’t cost Sh5 million.

We also know that the normal folk don’t own bushes that are worth millions per acre overnight. We all go to bars where a newly rich ‘corruption-aire’ is bragging how his connections to so and so have yielded him a golden egg.

The evidence of corruption is as plain as day to all and sundry. However, our politicians are never the guilty ones. They are always the victims of a witch hunt and the DCI is always a tool used by their enemies to stop their rise to power.

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They then convince us that if they are out of office, then it’s their entire tribe that is out of office. One wonders why the innocent have to put up such a stoic defence to charges not yet levelled against them.

Kenya is headed down a slippery path. If we lose this fight to tribalism, our nation is sunk and gone. It will not be a banana republic - there will be no republic, period.

The hounds of hell will be unleashed because every man will fight for his own, and by that we will devour each other to dust. When Kibaki failed to fight corruption after getting into power, the net result was worse corruption than ever before.

If Uhuru fails, the despondency will lead to unbridled greed. Those who are already thieves will be emboldened and those that are yet to start will soon realise their future is based on how much they can steal.

While Kenyans are now clapping as the DCI and DPP are thrown under the political bus, they are forgetting that they are clapping for those who are planning our funerals. We are like sheep being herded to the slaughter and we are happy about it.

Our welfare

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We are so excited when mandazinomics is explained, we forget that it is our future that is being compared to a mandazi; our destiny is reduced to a battle of egos and we are all forced to choose sides.

Worse still, we chose sides simply based on tribalism, nothing more. No logic and no selfish interest.

We have swallowed the lie whole. That each tribe can only have one leader, and 2022 is the only time they can lead, and to them leading us is more important than our welfare.

Our hopes and dreams are subsumed in the blind and pointless ambition of a few who deserve to lead only because it is their turn. Never mind that they all have led before, and the results of their leadership is called “now”.

We live in the shadow and consequence of their leadership. Everything right and all that is wrong is because of them.

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On a balance of judgement, they have no reason to continue leading; save for the foolishness and tribalism that we so closely hold dear.

The Stockholm Syndrome we exhibit as a nation is remarkable. How we are okay with the current circus; a circus in which our lives are toys for amusement, is beyond me.

This is not about dams, it is not about NHIF. It is about everything. We are in the fight of our lives and we are treating it like a Gor Mahia vs AFC match. We are in the end game. It is do or die, the fat lady is stepping onto the microphone and our end song is about to play.

This is how Kenya will end as we know it. If the fight against corruption fails, then you and I dear reader will abandon all hope.

More friends

With that, our man eat man society will abandon all pretence of civility and each man will grab what he can, wherever he can. The buildings we destroyed on riparian land will be rebuilt and the plot next will be grabbed. As we allow our greed to feast on the nation, we will then vote for the leaders who will support our desire for greed. Every Governor and our president will be qualified thieves. At which point we will fall into a chaotic society, a hellish pandora’s box from whose grip we may never arise.

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I weep my dear nation, for you and your foolishness. I weep because you will read this article and see me attacking your favourite thief.

I weep because the net result of writing this article is now I have more enemies, not more friends. It is now I am a villain who dared touch the sacred “gods”. I weep because like children, the bitter pill of truth is unpalatable. I weep for freedom. I weep for my Kenya.

My soul languishes in pain, but I refuse to give up hope. I refuse to let the DCI,the DPP and the EACC to let me down.

I refuse to let Uhuru off easy on his promise to fight corruption. I refuse to let go of the hope I have, however dim.

I refuse to let my heart despair. I let hope - my hope, spring eternal. For this hope I will write again, I will tell you again, I will shout it on the rooftop and I will whisper in the bedrooms.

I will fight corruption big and small, and though our enemies may seem infinitely more powerful, we rest assured in this: hope never fails.

Mr Bichachi is a communication consultant. [email protected]

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