Decadence stems from love for power, money

For millennia, the potent combination of power, money and sex (PMS) has plagued men. Empires have risen and fallen in the quest for dominion, riches and erotic affection. Biblical accounts of David, described as a man after God’s heart, tell of a rich but indolent king who recourses to murder to get another man’s wife.

In Greek mythology, the Trojan War was started after Paris, a Trojan prince, eloped with Helen, the wife of the king of Sparta. One of the world’s enduring architectural masterpieces, the Taj Mahal, was a monument of love for an emperor’s favourite wife. Legend has it that the powerful monarch ensured the decapitation of the edifice’s architects, so that the timeless work of art would not be replicated elsewhere.

In recent times, Donald Trump, an erstwhile business mogul turned US president, has been accused of being a serial groper and disrespectful of women’s personal spaces. He is now on his third marriage. A cursory examination of the lives of many African politicians and wealthy businessmen would reveal them to be philanderers.

It seems power and money create an irresistible aphrodisiac so that the short, squat and pig-ugly moneyed men walk away with the most beautiful damsels while the quintessential tall, dark and handsome, but broke men get nada.

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The PMS discourse becomes important to national dialogue when it begins to cloud reason, inform decisions and obfuscate the real reasons behind unresolved murders. Recent newspaper accounts tell of a prominent politician who has kicked out his house, his wife of many years.

 Alleged crimes

Society appears to have given tacit approval of his act which, a few years ago, would have been deemed unconscionable.  Universities across the country are replete with tales of “sex for grades” even as corporations dole out promotions based on bedroom antics and not boardroom performances. But it is a third narrative of PMS that has surreptitiously made its way into the national script and poses the greatest concern; that of power, money, sex and murder.

The alleged crimes of Jowie the “woman-eater” and recently, Kori the “community” husband are clearly crimes of passion or unrequited love.

They follow an uncannily similar tale of rags, riches, power and eventually death of lovers. What emerges is a pattern of using and discarding women. It is perhaps the reason those who assassinated Chris Musando, Kenya’s electoral agency ICT manager, sought to tie him to a crime of passion.

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Their nefarious schemes would have been swallowed hook, line and sinker by the public, but for the fact that unresolved queries hinged on the servers used for the countries national elections emerged. These created the tie-in to Musando’s murder. Until her disappearance and eventual death a couple of weeks ago, few people outside her sphere of influence knew of Caroline Mwatha. An activist working in the nether parts of Nairobi’s Eastlands areas, she was one of many unheralded sentinels of the rights of the underprivileged and down-trodden.

The transition

Even as the police provide what appears to be incontrovertible proof of an abortion attempt gone South, there are still lingering feelings that it may have been an assassination by deep state elements, who she was working to expose.The classic PMS theory advanced by the police, of a powerful activist in an illicit relationship fueled by donor funding, has been greeted with skepticism. This because the transition from the old order of “Force” to the new one of “Service” has been as farcical as the “Mother’s guild” blue new uniforms.

Moreover, Kenyans are still hung on the police of the past who, upon the discovery of the body of a leading cabinet minister gave a ludicrous explanation.

They reckoned the minister, in a suicide bid, had shot himself in the head, broken his leg, set himself ablaze and eventually, tried to dissolve his own body in acid! Some may attribute PMS to the male human condition that heightens one’s aspirations to possess at all costs and to stop at nothing.

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Society gives its subliminal acquiescence by celebrating artists who “score” with the girls, or politicians who steal from public coffers and marry many wives.

Even as the girl-child has is affirmed to the extent that girls are now leading in many facets of life, the boy-child has been left to his own devices.

Raunchy music videos and risqué behaviour from male role models have led to the inexorable slide to decadence. Until an intervention is urgently sought, PMS will continue to be the dominant force in men’s lives to the detriment of society.

Mr Khafafa is Vice Chairman, Kenya-Turkey Business Council

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