Witnesses tell court kin was threatened before she was killed

A woman who was found raped and murdered had earlier been threatened and insulted, witnesses said yesterday

Daniel Papa and Andrew Ipara told Justice Kiarie Waweru their niece, Loreta Akiru, who suffered from epilepsy and paralysis, complained that some local youths had visited her shop at Osajai centre and asked why she was not married and did not like to associate with men.

Last moments

Filex Ekarot, Philip Etyang, Silus Nyongesa, Martin Ojuma and Ezekiel Ekirapa, who have charged with the murder of Ms Akirua and are remanded at Korinda GK Prisons, sat in the dock as the witnesses testified.

Akiru's body was found behind her shop at Osajai centre in Teso North constituency on July 22, 2018.

Mr Ipara said he helped his niece close the door, as was the norm since she could not lock the door on her own due to her paralysis. He then went home.

“On the morning of July 22, we found her body behind the shop she operated. It had marks on the neck, a clear indicator that she struggled with her assailants before being overpowered,” he said.

He added: "My niece told me youth, who are also our relatives, said they would teach her a lesson because she was aging but did not want to associate with men.”

Andrew told Justice Kiarie that Akiru chose to live alone because of her illness. 

Mr Papa told the court that the door of the room in which his niece lived was not broken.

“The door was not broken. We found it was closed from outside when we went in the morning to check on her.”

The chairman of the community policing group in Osajai said 12 suspects were arrested during the investigations but the police found that five had a case to answer.

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