Period of tampon shortage might be longer

Women have now opted to importing tampons after a prolonged shortage of the product that started last year.

When supermarket shelves became empty and they could no longer access the feminine hygiene products, several women resorted to using online vendors and shipping companies to buy tampons.

A packet of tampons with 10 sticks costs an average of Sh200, but shipping charges pushes the products to about Sh1,500.

Grace Jebii, a fitness instructor who has imported twice in the duration of the shortage, says she was forced to incur the charges as the tampons make her work easier.

“For my job where I have to move a lot and sometimes make awkward manoeuvres, I find tampons very comfortable. I started realising they are going out of market in October,” Jebii says.

Reports that the product will be out of stock for another month created even more panic among women who took to social media to express their frustration.

The shortage is being attributed to a shortage in the raw materials used to produce tampons.

Judith Achieng’ wrote on Facebook of how she has been forced to use her friends who live in the US to ship tampons after she realised supermarkets and beauty shops no longerstock them.

Wycliffe Okello, a representative of Kasha, an online shop that stocks women personal hygiene and health products, says their shop has recorded a surge in sales of tampons after the product went out of stock in shops.

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