It will take miracles to repair the ruling Jubilee Party brand

Dismas Mokua
Dismas Mokua
He has little regard for the Washington establishment. He has thrown away the rule book. He is unpredictable. His leadership is characterised by slurs and contempt for best practices. He has redefined corruption and nepotism. Family members influence and direct White House policy. Friendly journalists have unlimited access while those he considers hostile are dismissed purveyors of fake news and alternative facts. Foreign leaders don’t know what to make of his leadership style. His tweets move markets and make foreign leaders anxious. During this year’s United Nations General Assembly meeting, he has told world leaders that it will be America first. No apologies.

Donald Trump is rattling Washington and global geo-politics. The Republican Party leadership treats him with contempt but cannot say as much in public. Party rank and file are in a tight corner. Should they play along or proactively raise their objections? Republicans are worried over possible loss in the 2018 midterms. If this happens, the crisis will shake the party beyond measure. Mr Trump may end up killing the party and blame the establishment for the defeat for he never loses. He’s always winning. Bigly. 

Trump has turned the party upside down. Prior core values like free trade, conservatism, tough foreign policy and meritocracy are now the past. However, Republicans in the Senate and Congress reluctantly bend backwards to make him happy. Mr John McCain was the only exception. He has however delivered. The economy is growing and unemployment is low. He’s signing new deals. America is winning.

In 2013, he formed a political party much to the chagrin of the establishment. He needed a party that he could control. The formation of The National Alliance was a high octane process. He defied international tribulations occasioned by ICC and set sail with a strange bedmate, William Ruto. Months later, he won the 2013 presidential elections. His victory was challenged at the Supreme Court, the court affirmed his victory. Upon his win, he set on a path of reviving the pan African agenda to serve his selfish interests. He used Africa Union as a special purpose vehicle to discredit ICC. His matter was eventually dropped because of lack of evidence.

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Last year goes down as the most tempestuous presidential election. He made history as the first sitting African president to have a victory annulled because of irregularities and illegalities. Parts of Kenya refused to participate in repeat elections because IEBC had not demonstrated capacity nor willingness to run a free and fair elections. He nevertheless won the one-man race.

President Uhuru Kenyatta started his second term by rattling both friend and foe. The handshake with Raila Odinga, his competition and nemesis shocked many. He is dancing to his own drum beats. He has a strong grip on Jubilee and his word is law. He summons Parliamentary Group meetings at his pleasure. There is little appetite for divergent views, if at all.

Those who attempted to exhibit independent thinking during the Finance Bill 2018/19 vote may face disciplinary action. Party chiefs, chairman David Murathe and Raphael Tuju monitored proceedings with curious interest. The Treasury has successfully demonstrated failure in monetary and fiscal leadership. One would have expected President Kenyatta to bring in new blood to save Kenya from vagaries of poor decision-making.

The Jubilee-controlled Legislature has been limping away, running out of breath and incapable of putting together a budget that can turn round Kenya. Jubilee legislators have abdicated their responsibilities and now swallow Treasury proposals hook, line and sinker.

Kenya has witnessed unprecedented fight on corruption under President Kenyatta. For the first time, public servants of rank have been arraigned in courts for economic crimes. For the first time as well, stealing billions has become the norm. While it is not clear how Republicans will fare during the 2018 midterms, it will take miracles to repair the Jubilee brand.

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- The writer is a political risk analyst in Nairobi. [email protected]

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