Pay dowry or face auction, man told

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A court has granted a man his wish to get bride price from his son-in-law in the next seven days.

Bernard Simiyu went to court to seek orders to compel Isaac Sifuna to pay dowry after living with his daughter for 10 years.

If Mr Sifuna does not comply, his property will be auctioned. Sifuna eloped with Branice Naliaka, then aged 18, when she was in high school and has not paid bride price to her parents. The couple has two children.

On Thursday, the magistrate made a landmark ruling granting Simiyu his wish and ordered Sifuna to pay the bride price in the next seven days or risk having his property auctioned.

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Sifuna is expected to part with 10 cows, two goats, Sh10,000, two blankets, gumboots, a hat and one coat.

“My daughter was in school when she disappeared from home. I discovered that she was staying with this man and yet I have not received any dowry from him,” Simiyu told the court.

Simiyu accused Sifuna and his father, Patrick Bulima, of not fulfilling an agreement to pay part of the bride price.

He claimed that Sifuna and Mr Bulima had in September 2016 agreed in writing that they would pay two cows, but had since not honoured the promise.

Bulima, the first defendant, admitted that he had failed to honour the agreement but requested the court to give him more time to pay the bride price.

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“It is true we have not honoured the promise but we are requesting this court to give us more time to look for the cows,” he said.

In her verdict, Kitale Resident Magistrate Mary Osoro noted that the plaintiff had proved his case.

“I am persuaded by the testimony before this court and referred texts that the plaintiff has proved his case to the required standard,” she ruled.

Ms Osoro added: “I hold that the first defendant as the father of the groom is indebted to the plaintiff to pay bride price."

The court issued a seven-day notice to auction the property of the defendants should they fail to remit the pride price.

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