Suspect says God ordered him to grow bhang (VIDEO)

Police on Wednesday arrested a middle-aged man for growing bhang on his farm in Limuru, Kiambu County.

Moments after the arrest, the suspect Njoroge Mbugua who hails from Nguruibi plains in Limuru confessed that he had been growing the prohibited plant for more than two years.

Interestingly, Mbugua claimed that it was God who ordered him to grow and sell the illegal plant to the public. “Hii ni kazi yangu, hata nikiwacha, ni Mungu aliniambia nipande.” (This is my job. Even if I stop, it’s God who ordered me to grow it).

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The suspect was taken to Tigoni Police Station where he is being held as investigations continue. Police say he will be arraigned in court after investigations.

Area assistant chief Leah Nguhi confirmed the incident, indicating that the matter was reported by area residents. She further added that the suspect hid the bhang plantation by surrounding it with thorny bushes so as not to cause suspicion.

“Our children have lately been smoking a lot of bhang but we could not tell where exactly they get it from. But we got a tip-off from some herders who were in the area at the time,” said Nguhi.

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