Teacher-Student love relationships hit Sironga Girls in Nyamira

The four teachers from Sironga Girls were accused of allegedly involving themselves in love relationship with their students. [Courtesy]
A National Girls School in Nyamira County is on the spotlight over allegations of intense teacher-student relationships.

The allegations have so far led to the transfer of two teachers, male and female, and suspensions of two male teachers.

The four teachers from Sironga Girls were accused of allegedly involving themselves in love relationship with their students.

In revelations made by some teachers in the school, the alleged love relationships had spilt the school academic staff with several teacher having written letters to their employer seeking transfers.

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The two teachers who have so far been interdicted received their letters in August 9, 2018 with claims that one of the accused had eloped with one of the students who went missing from her home during the August Holidays.

Mr Charles Isoe and his wife Isabel Isoe, parents to the missing form three girl, still remain in the dark regarding the whereabouts of their fifth born child.

The parents suspect that one of those interdicted teachers had some connection with the disappearance of their 16 year old daughter.

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The girl had woken up on a Saturday morning, walked out of the compound at Bokurati area, Ekerenyo in Nyamira North and never to return.

The parents have since reported the matter to Ekerenyo police station to help with investigations.

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“We suspect this teacher has a hand in our daughter’s disappearance and we want him tracked to help with investigations,” Mr Isoe told the Standard at his Bokurati home, North Mugirango Sub-County on Thursday.

The father said his daughter was at some point on August 8, 2018 during the holidays summoned to the school to testify against the said teacher before TSC officials.

The teacher did not turn up when the school opened on 29th last month.

Mr Isoe faulted the school administration for being evasive. “I called the Principal but she could tell me that all was well with my daughter.  I later realized that she was being interviewed about the love relationships rocking the school,” he said.

“The fact that he has been interdicted shows there is more than meets the eye. This is why I feel we need more information on this so that we can have the child back in school,” Isoe further said.

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The father said he had been using the teacher as an intermediary to reach her daughter while in school.

The School Principal Ms Rose Waswa was reluctant to discuss the issue.

“As a Principal am always busy. I can’t tell when I will get free time to talk to you,” Ms Waswa said on phone.

In one of the interdiction letters seen by the Saturday Standard dated August 9, 2018 and signed by the Nyamira County TSC Deputy Director Mr G.K. Mbuyiiroh , one of the suspended teachers  had requested for a love relationship with a form four student.

The letter further says that the accused teacher had kissed the said student In March 2, 2018 at around 7.30pm at the language Department.

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In the letter TSC requested the teacher to do a written response to the commission within 21 days and present any evidence including documents in support of his case.

However,  we learnt that the recent transfers and interdiction could be an iceberg of deep rooted teacher-student relationships in the school.

Further some teachers argue that the real culprits have been left scot-free and those interdicted had nothing to do with the said relationships.

“We have a situation where the current Principal want to stamp her authority. You cannot transfer a boarding mistress and at the same time interdict the Head of Department; Sports. There is something to it,” said one of the teachers who sought anonymity over the matter.

It is also alleged that the missing student could have been coached by some of the teachers close to the current Principal to implicate some of the teachers into the alleged acts.

Nonetheless, some of the teachers told the Nairobian that it was becoming increasing difficult to control some of the girls in the school who are sexually active.

“We have several cases where some girls have been disciplined for fighting over some male teachers. One can fall in love with more than two male teachers. Some of these girls are only fighting for some favors including a loaf of bread,” said another teacher.

 Nyamira County Teachers Service Commission Director Laban Olendo said suspicions of sex scandals resurfaced when educations officials, on a routine visit, were confided to by some students in the schools.

 “The matter just came up during normal visits and action had to be taken after we did investigations. We have concluded our investigations and interdicted two teachers. they will submit their written statement and later on face the commission ,” said Olendo.

 On Wednesday Secondary school principal in Kisii was charged with defiling a minor.

Cornelius Moriasi Mboga, the Principal of St Peters Nyangweta DOK Secondary School appeared before Ogembo Senior Resident Magistrate Lily Nafula yesterday.

He was charged that on diverse dates between May 2017 and January 2018 at the said School compound in Etago area he defiled the 16 year old girl.

He was charge of defilement contrary to section 8 (1) (4) of the sexual offences Act.

The Magistrate released the accused a bond of Sh200, 000 and set September 9, 2018 date for mention and fixing of hearing date.

Nyaboke Njagi, an advocate working for FIDA revealed that at least six girls from the school had been impregnated in 2017.

This is the third teacher in Kisii to have been accused of sexual advances on minors in the last one year

In June this year, two teachers were suspended after they were said to have been found in “a compromising situation” with the minors in two separate rooms in Ogembo, Kisii.

Investigation had revealed that the two had taken the pupils out for sports competitions and were on their way back home when they lured the minors to the bar.

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