Lack of titles of Mau land under caveat complicates phase 2 evictions in Eastern Mau

Njoro and Molo residents during a meeting held in Marioshoni area on August 29, 2018. The government has issued a notice of evicting those who have encroached the Eastern Mau block which extends in parts of Molo and Njoro. [Photo: Kennedy Gachuhi/Standard].

People living in the Mau Forest are worried about their lack of title deeds after they were ordered off the land.

Ogiek Peoples' Development Programme (OPDP) manager John Samori said the Kenya Forest Service issued an eviction notice last week.

“Mau land within the eastern Mau block has been under caveat and those living in those areas, majorly the Ogiek community, do not have titles. It is a concern when an eviction notice is given to those who do not have documentation,” Mr Samori said.

He noted that despite the contested land being under caveat, some individuals had irregularly acquired title deeds that they were using to claim ownership.

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Rift Valley Regional Co-ordinator Mongo Chimwaga said all titles were being verified by the National Land Commission and would be taken to the Lands Registry for validation.

“We are targeting those who sold forest land and went ahead to secure titles. We are also cracking down on purported surveyors,” he said.

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