Government moves to acquire largest corridor

Nakuru Governor Lee Kinyanjui (in coat) has a word with residents of Kihoto estate in Naivasha when he visited one of the corridors leading to Lake Naivasha. 
A court has ordered the closure of a corridor leading to Lake Naivasha.

Police said they had been served with a court order directing them to shut the corridor that has been for years the subject of a dispute between investors and local fishermen.

This is likely to affect hundreds of fishermen, who will be denied access to the lake.

The Naivasha sub-county commissioner, Jim Njoka, said the Government was seeking dialogue on the dispute, adding that the corridor was crucial to the welfare and livelihoods of hundreds of residents.

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“The fishermen have sent me to the national and county governments to find out how this parcel of land can be acquired and I will send that message.”

Naivasha OCPD Samuel Waweru said he had received an order directing that he close down the corridor and kick out fishermen.

He called for dialogue, saying the corridor was a lifeline for hundreds of families.

“Lives have been lost when locals clashed over the closure of this corridor. We are asking for patience as the Government seeks a lasting solution,” he said.

The chairman of the beach, Mutiso King’oo, warned that the closing of the corridor would affect the nearby Karagita and Mirera estates.

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He said the lake corridor served at least a 1,000 residents, including fishermen, boat operators and traders.

“We are deeply perturbed by the fate of this corridor as its closure will lead to job losses and a rise in criminal activities in nearby estates,” he said.

The area ward rep, John Njenga, said Governor Lee Kinyanjui was keen to end the dispute.

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