Man, 46 denies child pornography charges

Tom Musabili when he appeared before court. The court heard that the children began skipping school and arriving home late in the evenings. [Suleiman Mbatiah, Standard]
A 46-year-old man charged with child pornography in a Nakuru court has denied committing the offence.

Tom Musabire Kidemi a father of six during his defence hearing informed the court that he did not instruct the young school going children to engage in sex.

Kidemi said he had not time to spoil the young children and had no bad intentions on the young children.

“I had no time to spoil the children, I had no bad intentions and did not instruct the girls to have sex with the boys,” said Kidemi.

The man charged with 30 counts relating to sexual offences further said he never interacted with girls. He added that no girls went to his house but only accommodated boys.

“No girls came to my house but only boys who used to stay with other boys,” he said.

He informed the court that he used to bring guavas to the boys who in turn brought other boys to the house.

The man in his defence further said he owned no TV set in 2015 and had no electricity in his house until 2016 when he bought a second hand TV. Police officers who raided his house he said found a spoilt TV set.

“In 2015 I had no electricity and or even a TV set in the house, I bought a TV in set in 2016,” he said.

He claims his neighbors did not understand him and that he was fixed.

The man informed the court that his mother recently passed on and his siblings depend on him. His children he said has since suffered since he was arrested.

Kidemi said the bond terms imposed on him were stringent and could not meet.

The man is facing a total of 30 charges all relating to child sexual offenses including promotion of child pornography and child prostitution.

The charge sheet indicated that he committed the various offenses on diverse dates between December 2015 and December 2016.

He had, however, denied the charges.

It is alleged that the man showed the school-going children between the age of 12 and 14, the pornographic films with intention to make them engage in sexual practices.

He allegedly locked up the children in his house as they watched the movies and forced one child to touch the private parts of another while they watch the movies.

According to the children who confessed to the police, the man is alleged used to gather them at his house after school. Those who reported late were fined sh10.

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