Maliera Boys Secondary school closed indefinitely

Maliera boys Secondary school closed following unrests by students
Maliera boys Secondary school was Friday closed indefinitely following unrests by students.

The students went on a rampage on Wednesday night but were contained with the help of the police and teachers.

Thursday afternoon they began demonstrations within the school compound as they demanded a new school bus, forcing the school administration to send them home.

The agitated students according to a teacher from the school who sought anonymity threatened to torch the school library on Wednesday night.

“They had not even sat in classes for more than one hour for the evening preps before we heard noise. I was still at the staffroom when I heard them,” said the teacher who sought anonymity.

This is the third school to go on strike this week in Nyanza after Ngiya girls in Alego Usonga, Maranda boys in Bondo ,Nyakach and Kisumu Girls schools.

According to the school principal Samuel Oyondi, the students had attempted to burn the school library claiming their needs were not being met.

“During the rampage the student complained that their school bus was old and the school was not allowing them to have entertainment every weekend. So their demands are a scania school bus and entertainment every weekend among other demands,” said the school principal.

Mr Oyondi said that the students will stay home until Tuesday next week when the school will be re-opened.

“We want to use this opportunity to meet with the entire school administration to brainstorm on a way forward and also look into their complains. In case of any changes on the school reopening dates we will make an official communication to the parents,” he added.

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