New cancer therapy good news for patients

With an annual death toll of 27,000 and 40,000 new cases, cancer is no doubt one of the country’s leading killers. The biggest challenge with cancer has been diagnosis; either done late-mostly at stage three and four-or the specialists apply trial and error methods, leading to bulging treatment costs and eventually, the patient’s death.

New diagnostics technologies are however expected to change this disturbing scenario, especially for poor Kenyans. One such is liquid biopsy which will tell if one has cancer or not, and if they have it, pinpoint its origin.

It is such innovations in the field of cancer medicine that come as a relief for thousands of Kenyans in need of quick fix when faced with these diseases. To some, this technology may be expensive, yet better than moving from one specialist to another or one hospital to another seeking diagnosis.

The cheapest cancer treatment in Kenya costs Sh500, 000, which is not cheap to an ordinary Kenyan, but the figure can go as high as Sh10 million if leukemia is involved. When it comes to cancer, no one can be lucky; poor or rich.

A notable number of leaders, just like the poor, have succumbed to cancer in recent times. Such should serve as  a wake-up call for the government to invest heavily, not only in monetary terms, but also policy wise like making it tax free to import such life changing technologies that would benefit every Kenyan faced with the disease.

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