Is DP Ruto politicking at the expense of much needed development?

A good leader is one who lets his record speak for him or her. The Deputy President, having one of the biggest offices this country has, is in a position to lobby for life-changing projects in the country.

One of the major roles of the DP is to ensure that Kenyans who turned out in large numbers in August last year don’t get the sense that their five years of hope are being wasted.

He should work tirelessly, offer servant leadership with regards to improving the lives of many Kenyans, and this is something he voluntarily promised.

Ruto should also invest his energy in ensuring that the Government is development-oriented and should be at the forefront of fighting the corruption that has assailed the better part of their administration.

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Sadly, he seems to be more into politicking than anything else.

What Kenyans need now is someone who can bring positive change in this country; make our systems run smoothly - from health and education to infrastructure.

If he gives Kenyans justice in terms of service delivery, then there will be no need to politic, since Kenyans will have made a decision come 2022. But knowing it will not be a walk in the park, he is doing all he can to secure his dream.

What Kenyans need at the moment is a cure for what is ailing us, not politics.

Mr Murungi is a resident Eastleigh, Nairobi

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