Reconciliation, war on corruption key to development

President Uhuru
Absolutely astounding and totally refreshing! The spirit, the mood, and the ultimate reconciliatory mien displayed by the President and top Opposition leaders at the National Prayer Breakfast was a true breath of fresh air.

Coming after weeks and months of a highly toxic political engagement, the initiative by the President to offer a public apology to key opposition leaders, was a demonstration of great humility and an act of true statesmanship.

With this one happy act of magnanimity, the President ushered the nation into a new dawn of reconciliation and a much needed spirit of unity. Judging from the thunderous applause and the ecstatic mirth that followed the warm embrace between the former political foes, the President struck the right chord with majority of Kenyans.

He once again pulled a fast one against the enemies of this nation who thrive on insults and divisions. All we can say is kudos Mr President!

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But it is not just on the unity front that the President scored an A plus. The decisive move to act on corruption is, for patriotic Kenyans and friends of Kenya, heartening and commendable. It comes at a time when many of us had lost hope of this war ever being genuinely fought, let alone won.


Over the years, there has been a lot of tough talk but no visible action against the architects and facilitators of grand corruption. Every once in a while, there is stirred some high level drama – often to deflect attention or ease some public pressure – but once the objective is achieved, everything and everyone settles back to business as usual.

The stage is then set for the next round of looting that is often grander and with greater impunity. That is why sceptics, who have expressed their misgivings over the real motivations behind the latest move, must be granted their freedom to doubt. Yet, this time round, it does appear like President Kenyatta and his team mean business and are determined to finally slay the ever elusive dragon. We assure them of our sincere and most fervent prayers.

Indeed, prayers are critical at this time in our nation, not just because of the war on corruption, but for the nation’s general well-being. We appear to be a nation in crisis – moving from one calamity to another. The General elections pushed us to the brink of a precipice, with an uprising that saw many lives lost and property destroyed. And just when this seemed to be defused by the handshake, in came the rains and floods that swept across the nation, bringing massive destruction and loss of life. The floods had just taken over from a biting drought and famine that had adversely affected several parts of the country.

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In the last few weeks, we have been jolted by revelations of grand corruption in various departments of government. Many Kenyans have not only been angry, but greatly bewildered. A church member even wondered whether we are not under some kind of a curse. I personally do not think so. Most of our challenges appear to be mainly of our own making – driven by the insatiable greed of a few people.

That is why it is providence that every year the nation gathers for a National Prayer Breakfast – a unique opportunity for the nation to stop, reflect, and turn to God with a sincere cry for divine help with the myriad issues that bedevil the nation.

Prayer has been known to not only still the mind and calm the soul, but to also invoke divine intervention in matters that are at times beyond our human capacity to handle.  

The next few days, weeks, and months are likely to be tumultuous, especially if the fight against corruption is enhanced to net in more high profile people.

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There may be much more drama if indeed, as the President, the Deputy President, and key law enforcers have promised, no efforts are spared in bringing all those culpable to book. That is why all of us who believe in prayers must pick up the baton from the Prayer Breakfast and envelop this nation in fervent prayers.

It is my strong belief that with the twin actions of reconciliation and fight against corruption, the President has set us on a great growth trajectory. No demon in hell can stop us if we all rally behind it with a united resolve. For it is a divine principle that, wherever there is unity, there God commands a blessing.

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