Man hacks pregnant wife and child to death, attempts to commit suicide

Shocked residents of Ng'ondu village in Njoro, Nakuru County at the scene where a man killed his pregnant wife and child before stabbing himself on 14 May ,2018. [Photo/Harun Wathari]
Residents of Ng’ondu village in Njoro, Nakuru County, are in shock after a man hacked his pregnant wife and child to death before attempting to commit suicide.

The suspect, a casual labourer, is suspected to have sliced his pregnant wife's throat and that of an eight-month-old baby following suspected marital disagreements.

The suspect did not die in yesterday's early morning incident but sustained serious injuries. He is admitted to Rift Valley Provincial Hospital.

According to his neighbours, the suspect had been having constant quarrels with his wife.

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 “They have been having disagreements especially when the husband is drunk. The suspect had been threatening her. During the time of the incident, we, however, did not hear any struggles,” James Karanja, their employer, said.

“We woke up in the morning only to realise that the cows were still in the shed and the door was still locked. After forcing it open, we found the three lying in a pool of blood with the wife and child dead. The man was, however, groaning in pain, with a knife stuck in his chest,” Ms Anne Wanjiku said.

Wanjiku said the evening before the incident, the suspect's wife, who was her friend, had told her she wanted to move out of the abusive relationship following death threats from her husband.

“She told me she wanted to move out the same day, but then she did not have any money and had planned to sell charcoal yesterday morning to facilitate her exit. Sadly, we found out she had been killed the same night,” said Wanjiku.

The suspect is believed to have attacked his wife and child who had deep wounds on their heads and bodies with a hoe and a knife before attempting to kill himself.

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“The child died while strapped on her mother's back, a clear indication that she wanted to escape when the attack happened,” said Wanjiku.

She said cases of suicide were on the increase in the area.

“We are yet to bury a neighbour who committed suicide recently, and now we are witnessing another horrific incident as a result of marital misunderstandings,” said Wanjiku.

Njoro OCPD Charity Dorcas said the couple had a history of feuds that may have escalated, leading to the killings.

“The suspect is reported to have been drunk when he committed the crime. Cases of illicit brews have always caused conflicts within families, but we are working towards eradicating them,” she said.

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