Musalia says NASA not the same after Raila-Uhuru peace deal (video)

Amani National Congress (ANC) leader Musalia Mudavadi has faulted the January 30 swearing-in of Raila Odinga for the cracks in National Super Alliance (NASA).

In an exclusive interview with KTN News, the western Kenya political supremo says he does not believe in the oathing and it was genesis of the many developments that have rattled NASA.

Falling short of calling Raila’s inauguration illegal, Musalia told KTN: “Any Kenyan who is concerned about the wellbeing of our nation has every reason to worry, impunity and deceit is in air and I said we must obey the law. We cannot allow a situation where the custodians of the law are breeching it recklessly. We then have an opposition that is getting entangled in several breaches so that they end up losing the moral authority to check those in the system”.

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Mudavadi also believes the truce between President Kenyatta and Raila Odinga is anchored on flimsy grounds and should be shelved.

He says the deal came as a surprise to him and the full details of the agreement have not been disclosed to him.

“I respect Raila Odinga. He is a serious senior politician in this country. Sometimes we agree and disagree and we will continue to remain civil with each other,” said Mudavadi.

Mr Mudavadi however holds that NASA has not died from this shake up and it will only take candid consultations among the principals to regain the confidence of their supporters.

Asked if Raila’s ODM still had the will to fix issues in Kenya, Mudavadi hoped it did.

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“When you talk to some you can see commitment, and there are others who do not show that similar commitment,” he said.

The politician was categorical that it was wrong to manhandle politician Miguna Miguna last week when he tried to enter Kenya without having his Canadian passport stamped. However, he said the politician should have followed immigration procedures just like everybody else.

Musalia said he was not tribal leader challenging Yvonne Okwara to on what she made of the Central Kenya and Rift Valley blocs that predominantly support Jubilee leaders.

He also denied muzzling dissenting voices in his party.

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