Flash floods sweep away four cows in Kipkelion

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Flash floods swept away four cows at Kichawir village in Kipkelion West constituency. 

Kapkemoi sub-location chief Julius Koros, said the domestic animals were washed away on Tuesday evening. 

“The rains started around 2PM but at 4PM flash floods from Chepng’osos hills flowed down the slope and swept away the cattle at Kichawir village,” he said. 

Koros, nonetheless said there was no human casualty after the raging floods. 

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Kapkemoi sub-location chief warned that landslides could affect the area since the first signs of cracks have emerged. 

“The area is soggy and there are real fears that if the rains will continue unabated landslides will occur in the area,” said Koros. 

Sedah Absae, the Kericho Kenya Meteorological Department director said the rains were expected to last throughout the week.

“The intensity will nonetheless be varied in terms of intensity in different locations in the county. The areas which are at risk of flash floods are hilly areas because once the ground is wet the rain water turns into runoff,” he said.

He said the areas to watch were hilly areas in Kipkelion West which have been exposed due to the degradation of the environment.

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Kipkelion West Member of Parliament (MP) Hillary Koskei, called on residents living in areas at the risk of landslides and floods to move to higher grounds.

“Such individuals should at least find alternative accommodation with their relatives living in safer grounds. We call on Government agencies and the Red Cross to assist the villagers to map out the places at risk during this rainy season,” he said.

On Friday last week, the Kenya Meteorological Department warned Kenyans to brace themselves for heavy rains in several parts of the country from Monday.

“Heavy rainfall of more than 40mm in 24 hours is expected from Tuesday 13th March, 2018 over Western, South and Central Rift Valley and Central Kenya including Nairobi area,” said Peter Ambenje, the director of Meteorological Services.

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