Two killed in suspected revenge attack

A section of the gang has been arrested in connection with cattle theft in the area [Courtesy]
Police on Tuesday arrested three suspects in connection with recent killings in Kajei and Amoni in Malaba.

Teso North Officer Commanding Police Division (OCPD) Onesmus Kombe confirmed the arrests of the three and said they were helping police with crucial information that can lead to more arrests.

Angry residents of Kajei and Amoni had threatened to demonstrate over poor security in the area following the killing of the two people.

Mathayo Kongo 32 was sprayed with bullets at his home on March 9. His wife was hit by blunt object but survived and now receiving treatment at a local hospital.

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One day later 27-year old Kelvin Emukule was also shot at Fly Over in Malaba town at night. He was pronounced dead upon arriving at Kocholia district Hospital.

Emukule’s wife Anet Ipoli recalled last moments with her husband before he was killed.

“ He had called me to notify me that he would return a bit late, when it reached 9pm I tried to call him but he could not be reached, then a few minutes later I received information that he had been killed,” said Ipoli.

“I rushed to the scene of the attack and saw that he had been shot on the chest several times. We took him took my husband to the hospital hoping he will survive but he died,” she said while fighting back tears.

The locals are now living in fear following the two incidents. They threatened to hold peaceful demonstration for lack of security. “Police should move with speed and arrest the killers otherwise we shall decide to take law in our hands and deal with assailants by ourselves,” said one of the agitated locals.

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On Monday some suspects were arrested by police in connection with the murder of the two. One of the suspects believed to be ringleader of the gang injured police after slashing his finger in Kajei village before they were arrested.

Senior Chief Amoni Location Musa Achula said earlier two people were arrested in connection of stealing of cows.

“After the killing of the two suspects, a certain clan started accusing residents of Fly Over where they were killed and vowed to revenge,” Ochula said.

“It is revenge tactics they are applying now in Amoni and those being accused are saying they will not sit down and see their people being killed,” he added

He said Malaba being a border town, the killers were hiring guns from across the border to commit murder and disappear.

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