Police arrest suspects with millions of fake currency in Homa Bay

Police in Homa Bay County have arrested two men in possession of dark papers which were intended for manufacturing fake notes of Sh1.34million.

The dark papers were already trimmed with images of Sh1,000 which could total to the above amount of fake money.

The suspects were arrested at a hotel in Kendu Bay town on Monday evening when police searched their bags and found them with the dark papers.

Police got information from one of the eyewitnesses who suspected that the men had ill intentions of harming the public.

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Homa Bay County Police Commander Marius Tum said the suspects were taken to Kendu Bay Police station.

The suspects were also found with three bottles of unknown liquid. The liquid is suspected to be part of the reagents they wanted to use in manufacturing the fake money.

“The dark papers resemble notes of Sh1,000 liquid and our preliminary investigations reveal that the suspects wanted to manufacture fake money,” said Tum.

He said they did not find a machine which was to be used in making the fake notes.

“We only found a liquid whose origin is unknown. We have not established where they were going to make the money.

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Tum said one of the suspects was a resident of Homa Bay County while another hailed from Nairobi County.

The police boss said investigations were ongoing to find out more information on actions of the suspects.

Tum said the suspects were going to be taken to court soon after being interrogated by police.

“I urge members of the public to be keen on the notes they are receiving on daily transactions. Anybody who is given a suspicious note should report to us,” said the police commander.

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