Boda boda rider's two ordeals at hands of thugs who gouged his eyes

Albert Mahagwa (43 years old) during interview with Std at Shikhambi estate in Kakamega on Febraury 27, 2018. Mahagwa was attacked by thugs who pierced his eyes. [Photo/BENJAMIN SAKWA]
For the last four years, Albert Mahagwa (right), a former boda boda rider, has not known peace.

His tribulations began in April 2014, when he sold half an acre in Rosterman in Kakamega and bought a motorcycle to venture into the boda boda business to fend for his family.

Mr Mahagwa, who is blind after gangsters gouged his eyes out, recalled that barely a day after buying the motorcycle, he was shot several times by thugs while returning home.

“I was riding along the Kakamega-Rosterman road when two speeding motorcycles overtook me but stopped 500m ahead. There were three young men all armed with AK-47 rifles and they ordered me to surrender my motorcycle,” said Mahagwa.

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“They then started shooting at me... I pretended to be dead and they took away my motorcycle,” he said.

The 43-year–old father of four said police took him to Kakamega County Referral Hospital for treatment.

Spent cartridges

He said the officers also recovered four spent cartridges and three rounds of ammunition but no ballistics report was released.

Three months after recovering, he leased another motorcycle. But in October 2014, he was attacked at the same spot where he had been shot five months earlier.

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He said he was transporting a passenger from Kakamega town at 9.15pm who grabbed his throat, forcing him to stop.

“Five people pounced on me with machetes, rungus and blunt objects. They slashed me on the head and took away the motorcycle,” he said.

Mahagwa also said one of the attackers gouged out his eyes.

A medical report shows he spent six months at Kakamega County Referral Hospital, three of them in the intensive care unit.

“I have been seeking help from friends. What I want is for the governor and Shieywe MCA Joab Mwamuto to help my wife find any kind of job to feed the family,” he said.

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Speaking to The Standard yesterday, Bukhungu Chief Maurice Muchiti revealed one suspect had been arrested following Mahagwa's identification of him as one of the attackers.

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