The untold story: Uncovering the 2006 raid on Standard Group

KTN's Duncan Khaemba (left) and his cameraman David Otieno . This was on 12/08/2017.(photo/Pius Cheruiyot)
Hired international mercenaries raided Standard Group offices at the Nairobi’s I&M building and the printing press along Likoni road on Wednesday 1st March 2006.

KTN’s Duncan Khaemba will be revealing details of the attack Thursday 1st March 2018 at 8pm on KTN News channel, giving details of what exactly happened, the people involved and reasons for the attack.

The attack on Kenya’s oldest newspaper, The Standard and authoritative news channel KTN came as a surprise since nobody including management of the media house could imagine of such a thing happening.

The attack sent shockwaves worldwide as many people were left wondering who were behind the move and for what reason.

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Sheena Makena Ngondo who was a video editor at KTN then, says it was almost 11pm when the attackers struck. Makena says staff members who had finished their late night shift were downstairs waiting for transportation to their respective estates when it all happened.

Watch this story on KTN News tonight at 8pm with Duncan Khaemba. Follow us on @KTNNews @KTNKenya

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