Radical bill pushing for one-term president is what the doctor ordered for Kenya

The Constitution of Kenya Amendment Bill, 2018, that was proposed and tabled in the National Assembly by Tiaty MP William Kassait Kamket is one of the greatest gifts to Kenya people this year. We are a divided Nation.

The three themes that are threatening to tear us apart will find a cure and rest in this amendment. President Uhuru Kenyatta is planning to leave behind a rich legacy. This is great. Deputy President William Samoei Ruto wishes to succeed Uhuru Kenyatta. There is nothing wrong with this. Former Prime Minister Raila Amolo Odinga is yearning for electoral justice. This too is great.

The three themes of legacy, succession and electoral justice find a common ground in the proposed amendment at the very minimum without disrupting the nation's balance and bearing. The amendment, in my view, will strengthen devolution and entrench constitutionalism within the political psyche of our nation and provide cure and inclusivity to our deeply divided nation.
The most stable nations politically in Africa and the world are those whose systems of government are parliamentary or hybrid. The pure presidential system is a recipe for disaster. The USA is a super power because power and resources are devolved to the 51 states and nobody cares what goes on in Washington.

Germany, Great Britain, Italy and France can bear protracted bickering for power without the breakdown of law and order simply because the lower echelons of the State are stable.

India, Malaysia, Japan and Singapore are stable and prosperous because the masses are happy with their local governments. Ethiopia and Tanzania are slowly leading the way in Africa simply because the base is strong and the political class in the apex can bicker for as long as their egos can allow them. 
The proposed Constitutional Amendment Bill 2018 proposes to push the date of elections to the second Tuesday of December of every fifth year. This date is critical because it is less disruptive to our economy and education of our children.

On this date, the voter will determine who will be his or her MCA, MP, Woman Rep as well as their governor and his deputy.

Thereafter Kenyans will be left alone to build the nation, generate wealth and taxes.

This will strengthen our democracy and rule of law, kill tribalism and marginalisation and domination of institutions by one or two communities at the expense of the others and guarantee LEGACY, SUCCESSION and ELECTORAL JUSTICE for all Kenyans. A win-win situation for us all.

Mr Chesang is a historian

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