MCAs receive car loans

[Photo: Courtesy]
MCAs have received car loans and mortgages amounting to Sh145 million.

The money was given through the Revolving Fund kitty. Each of the ward representatives was supposed to receive Sh5 million of the total allocation of Sh300 million.

However, the MCAs were given Sh2.7 million and are expecting the balance this week. Other staff members employed on permanent and pensionable terms were also given car loans and mortgages with the highest getting Sh15 million.

“The amount of money staff got as loan depended on one’s salary and position,” said an employee who did not want to be named.

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Former MCAs in some counties are reportedly struggling to repay the loans.

Some county assemblies recovered the money from their salaries while some MCAs opted to use their gratuity to clear their loans.

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