Crocodile kills man, villagers brazenly kill the croc

Area legislators have blamed poverty for pushing the locals to fish in the dangerous waters. [Stephen Nzioka, Standard]
A man died after being savagely attacked by a crocodile in River Athi, Kanthuni village in Makueni County.

The middle aged man whose name is yet to be to identified is reported to have been on a fishing in the crocodile-infested river.

When he did not return on Friday night as was the norm, his relatives from Kitui County launched a search for him.

They found his belongings at the shore of the river, raising an alarm to the locals to join in the search for the missing man.

The area assistant chief Mr. John Ndetei told of how locals found the killer crocodile basking on a nearby rock and attacked it, slicing its belly open to see if it had eaten the man.

“The locals killed the crocodile that was lying on the river bank and they went ahead to disect it and found a human hand in its stomach,” said Ndetei

The agitated residents would further drain a section of the river and find the other body parts.

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Area Member of Parliament Daniel Maanzo has called on the Kenya Wildlife Service to remove crocodiles from the river since they had no benefit to them.

The mauled man was taken to Makueni Level 5 Hospital mortuary.

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