Kibabii High School probes sodomy claims

Calm has returned to a secondary school whose students went on rampage over claims of homosexuality.

Bungoma County Director of Education Jacob Onyiego said the riots were triggered by a fallout between the principal of St Mary's Boys High School, Kibabii, and the students over the claims.

According to Mr Onyiego, the students had asked their captain to convey their concerns about a group of their colleagues they claimed was engaging in homosexuality.

The captain was said to have met the principal on Sunday evening, but the matter escalated into riots that saw classroom windows shattered. Many students fled the institution after police officers were called in.

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Onyiego said learning had resumed as investigations into the incident went on.

"We have sent officers to the school to give us a report," he said.

A parent who sought anonymity said some students were stranded after the Sunday night riots.

"My son sought refuge at a classmate's home in Webuye, 30 kilometres away, after the fracas," he said.

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