Wetang'ula's message to Uhuru ahead of planned Raila swearing-in

ANC leader Musalia Mudavadi,  Raila Odinga and Busia Senator Amos Wako: They have asked their supporters to remain steadfast in the quest for electoral justice. [Chrispen Sechere/Standard]
NASA co-principal Moses Wetang’ula asked President Uhuru Kenyatta and his deputy William Ruto to swallow their pride and have a sit-down with the Opposition.

“I want to encourage you Uhuru and Ruto that this country does not belong to you. You must climb down from the pedestal where you are and come down to talk to fellow Kenyans about the future of this country. The problems of this country can neither be solved exclusively by Jubilee nor solved exclusively by NASA," said Wetang'ula in Nairobi Thursday.

“Uhuru and Ruto this country does not belong to you, it belongs to 45 million Kenyans and 43 communities of this country. So when you sit down, it matters not whether you got votes in Luo Nyanza or not. We want to see Luos in your Cabinet. It matters not whether you got votes in Ukambani or not, don’t pick sycophants, pick people who are respected,” said Mr Wetang’ula.

The Bungoma Senator also hit out at the President saying that his call for peace cannot be achieved in a country that does not recognise justice.

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“Let nobody tell us we want peace, we want unity, we want development. Peace is a product of justice. Unity is a product of justice and sustainable development will be a product of justice," he added.

Wetang’ula was speaking as he addressed a meeting of Ford-Kenya women leaders in Nairobi on Thursday.

It is 17 days to the planned swearing-in of Opposition leader Raila Odinga and Wiper leader Kalonzo Musyoka as the people’s president and the deputy president respectively.

Foreign envoys and religious leaders have been pushing for a sit down between Uhuru’s Jubilee Party and Raila’s NASA coalition.

The President has been categorical that only talks on development will be tolerated.

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NASA maintains if Jubilee maintains it’s hardline stance, the Opposition will march on with the People’s Assembly concept.

Raila was given a Bible as a gift by leaders as he marked his 73rd birthday on Sunday.

Leaders in Kakamega gave Raila the Holy Book and asked him to take oath during his planned swearing-in.

The gift was presented by Kakamega Senator Cleophas Malala on behalf of MPs and Senators.

According to Mr Malala, NASA MPs would swear an affidavit to recognise Raila as people's president.

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Speaking on Sunday in Kakamega, Raila vowed that he would be sworn in on January 30, 2018 together with Kalonzo.

The Opposition chief also dared the Government to arrest him and NASA leaders after the inauguration.

"On January 30, I will be sworn in and this time it's a real deal and anyone saying its treason let him come and arrest us. The event is not only about carrying the Bible and saying 'I swear', we want to make it real. We want this swearing-in process to be inclusive of all Kenyans. That's why we are discussing before we go ahead,” said Raila.

The former Prime Minister was accompanied by NASA co-principals Musalia Mudavadi, Moses Wetang'ula and other leaders.

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On Thursday (January 4, 2018) NASA said the committee to swear in Raila and Kalonzo was already working and would be unveiled.

“We are of course alive to the fact that the public is very eager to hear about the swearing in of the People’s President and Deputy President. This is on course. It will be the biggest public event that Kenya has seen since independence. An Assumption of Office Committee, which is already in place and working, will be unveiled in the coming days, and that Committee will be keeping you informed,” read part of a statement by the Organising Committee of the People’s Assembly.

Addressing Kenyans on New Year’s Eve, Raila divulged that NASA would launch fresh peaceful protests against the Jubilee Government.

The Opposition chief said that NASA’s priority would be to fight for electoral justice to ensure that the voter’s voice is heard.

“After three stolen elections in a row and the standoff that has ensued, ending the culture of sham elections with pre-determined outcomes must be the nation’s priority. We must nip the new trend where people continue to vote, opposition is allowed to exist and win a few seats in parliament, but the vote does not really count,” said Raila.

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He indicated electoral justice would go hand in hand with strengthening of the Judiciary and reforming the security sector.

The former Prime Minister also hit out at the Government saying that police brutality would not be accepted and must end.

“So far, the mindset is to steal the election, suppress and subdue protesters into submission by killing them then they will accept, forget and move on. This has been the case in all the three stolen elections,” Raila pointed out.

He also warned that the only way Uhuru and his Government can avoid Opposition’s fury is by agreeing to dialogue on electoral reforms.

“NASA has two ways to realize these goals. We can sit down on the negotiating table with our Jubilee opponents and discuss how to fix our electoral system, reform the executive, protect the judiciary, reform the security sector and strengthen devolution. We are ready for such dialogue as long as these issues are on the table. Alternatively, we take the issues to the people and let them decide without the involvement of the State,” Raila declared.

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