Family searches for mentally-ill Robert Kamau

Robert Kamau Kiriba, popularly known as Junior, disappeared at a matatu stage in Kikuyu on December 30, 2017. [Willis Awandu| Standard]
It was the day to shop for Robert Kamau Kiriba in preparation for school.

However, it turned out to be the beginning of agony for his family after he disappeared.

He has yet to be found, now almost a week later.

Robert, 23, popularly known as Junior, is living with disabilities.

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His mother says he has mental problems and is a registered member of the National Council of Persons with Disabilities. His membership number is NCPWD/P/156141.

On December 30, 2017, Robert accompanied his mother, Esther Mwaura, to Kikuyu town to shop for school. He is a student at Nakuru Hill Special School.

They purchased all the items required and even took him for a shave. However, as they waited at a stage in Kikuyu town for a matatu to their Kahuho home in Wangige, Robert disappeared.

His mother suspects he could have boarded the wrong vehicle.

Different route

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Esther explains: “We were at the stage waiting for a vehicle to Wangige when he disappeared. I suspect a tout might have enticed or pulled him into a public vehicle on a different route. And since he doesn’t understand he most likely entered without resisting.”

His home

She says Robert cannot tell the location of his home or recall any contacts.

“If you push him, the easiest name he can offer is that of his sister, Joy,” she says.

She adds that physically, he looks fine and that it is difficult to know that he is unwell.

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One needs to spend some time with him to realise that he is not fine.

At the time of his disappearance, he was wearing a grey T-shirt with black patches on the shoulders, blue tracksuit trousers, and black rubber shoes.

He was carrying a small bag packed with his shopping.

His family has looked for him among relatives and friends without success.

Reported him missing

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It has reported him missing at three police stations: Kikuyu (OB 25/30/12/2017), Tigoni (OB 26/31/12/2017), and (OB 28/31/12/2017).

The family is appealing for help to find Robert.

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