4 year old girl rescued from being married off to a 70 year old man in Samburu

File photo of young Samburu girls ferrying water [Courtesy]
A four-year-old girl has been rescued from a planned marriage to a 70-year-old man.

Children’s officers from Samburu Central sub-county learned of the marriage from the girl’s mother and neighbours, and quickly moved to stop it.

The child’s father reportedly wanted to marry her off to recover the bride price he had paid for her mother after they parted ways.

County Children’s Co-ordinator Jane Kabiro said the girl’s father had wanted to take a second wife but the first one had objected.

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“The man, then aged 40, threw his wife out when she questioned his plans to marry again,” said Ms Kabiro.

She said the man went to his wife’s parents and demanded the cows he paid as bride price but the family was unable to meet his demands.

He then took his daughter away, planning to marry her off to recover his wealth.

Already identified

“By the time we learnt about the matter, he had already identified a 70-year-old man who had offered to marry the minor,” Kabiro said.

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She said they had reported the matter to the police who promised to arrest the suspects.

Kabiro said the girl would be taken back to her mother in Kirimon village and the two would be provided with security to ensure that the man did not come near them.

Samburu Central OCPD Abagaro Guyo said the Children’s Office had reported the matter and that investigations were already underway.

“We are investigating the claims and action will be taken against the suspects if found culpable,” said Mr Guyo.

Meanwhile, Kabiro said her office was facing serious challenges especially due to lack of rescue centres. She said the county had only 11 institutions hosting over 500 children.

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“Most of the children are rescued from early marriage and female genital mutilation,” she said.

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