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Ladies, this is how to bag a guy dripping with cash

By Njoki Kaigai | Published Sun, September 24th 2017 at 11:34, Updated September 24th 2017 at 11:38 GMT +3

A few weeks ago, a local daily published the earnings of a certain Kenyan CEO. The CEO mentioned took great exception to the story and its accuracy. We now do not know exactly how much he makes, but if the article is anything to go by, he makes a ton of money. In this part of the world, we get a bit testy when it comes to issues of personal earnings. Bank statements, payslips and paycheques remain hidden lest they tell stories of their owners’ earnings. No one is spared from this veil of secrecy - children, spouses, girlfriends all considered ready to target any identified earnings. However, modern times have changed things and now money is an important issue that must be addressed by those who aspire to be in relationships and those in relationships.

Brokeness and love hardly if ever, make a good mix and so one must avoid anyone or any situation that speaks of financial challenges. One great way to deal with the money issue is for women to very early in the day to determine the earning potential of your partner. This way, one avoids the heartbreak of dealing with parasitic, good-for-nothing men.

Here are a few ways to determine a man’s level of success.

His bank balance: A good indicator of a man’s success is how much money he has in the bank. Of course, many men like to keep their bank balances top secret with some resorting to online banking to hide their true financial worth.

One only needs to pay attention to a man’s ATM withdrawal patterns. A man who visits the ATM machine infrequently and only at the end of the month might not be that financially endowed, though one might need to also pay attention to how much float he operates when he is outside the ATM withdrawal period.

His wardrobe: Many guys with cash like to dress well and they also like to pay attention to how they look by paying attention to their facial hair and their nails. Guys with money issues are notorious for recycling branded freebie garments and will also display a natural disdain and contempt for those moneyed people spending a lot of money on their appearance.

However, women need to be a bit careful in using wardrobe as the only determinant. We know of men who wear the latest designer outfits but struggle to pay their bills and rent on time. You also have men who often look shabby to mask the fact that they are millionaires many times over.

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Sponsorship and generosity traits: You can often tell if a man is successful by paying attention to how he shares his good fortune with others. This can be done by watching how he behaves in social settings. If he is the kind of guy who rarely buys other people rounds of drinks then it is highly possible that he has serious challenges with his bank balance and is limited in his philanthropic sensibilities. Good things to look out for is what kind of tips the guy gives to waiters and waitresses. If he considers 20 bob a reasonable tip then the man is surely not abundantly blessed with material wealth. Mean men are usually broke men and are to be avoided at all costs.

The company he keeps: When it comes to money, the adage of “show me your friends and I will show you who you are” truly applies. Men with money like to hang out with men with money like them. They like to drive cars like those of their rich friends, like to drink and eat what their rich friends drink and eat. If you can estimate the monetary value of your man’s friends, then you are in good stead to determine his financial capabilities.

His family: When all other indicators fail, one can always look at a man’s family to gauge how deep a man’s pocket is then you need to look at the general state of affairs of his family. If possible, start by looking at the state of his parents and gauge if they look like they have money or as if they are flirting with poverty. 

If you have decided to target a married man, then the welfare of his wife and children provides a good indicator for the state of his financial well-being.  

Most rich men are known to provide the best for their wives and children and so it follows that if he can take such good care of his family, he will then take good care of all his women by splashing cash on them.

There are some well-meaning citizens who will like to say that women who focus on a man’s monetary status are gold diggers and bad human beings. We need to stop the moralising and understand that money is the leading cause of relationship disputes and so needs to be addressed head on.

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